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My Free Charset version 3, one quadrillion of new chars

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Tons of new chars. I’ll not release them individually anymore because now I’m using just one XCF multilayer Gimp file that permits create  of new char combinations, so I’ll be releasing this file instead.

gimp screenshot

Mathematically, let’s assume I have just one layer. This permits create just one character (the nude one), ok? Each new layer I create, earrings as example, permits me create all chars I have done before with and without those earrings. That’s 2 times what we had before. With N layers I can create 2n different chars (2n-1? No, a char made of no layers can be the invisible man:)). We have now about 50 layers so we can create more than one quadrillion different combinations of chars. 😮

Here’s the XCF Gimp file, chars.xcf (430Kb). To open and edit it you need the Gimp editor (The GNU Image Manipulation Program, download it here).

It’s also easier for you create your owns characters (try create yourself) or add hats, accessories, cloths, etc. Our My next step is write it to be programmability done with the same idea.

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  1. zammbi zammbi

    Seems you contact page doesn’t have your contact.
    Wondering if you could create another example like your rpg game, but instead use nodes as tiles and do scrolling while keeping on track what tiles to keep on screen. I want to know if its just me that’s having major trouble in this area.

  2. Hi Zammbi, thanks for pointing that, I’ll be see what’s going on.
    I have here a example of what you are saying, I’ll post it as soon as I can.

  3. Peter Pawan Peter Pawan

    Hi there,

    Awesome work you have done. Totally impressed.

    This work is CC right? I am an indie game developer and I just dumped one week worth of art I had done so I can use yours. Of course I will give you all attributions and linkouts, or whatever else you including but not limited to BEER.

    Great work. Let me know if you need anything?

    Btw.. The game I am working on is an exploration/quest game based on the board game Sokoban.


  4. CJ CJ

    Hi! I just found your blog and you should know, you are doing awesome stuff!

    But I wanted to ask you if I could use these for a game.. Please reply!

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