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Month: July 2011

Atiaia early releases

This was a project that me and Marco Diego created during our graduation for the Computer Graphics course. It is a ray tracing engine build from scratch in C. It was great exercise of experimentation on how implement object-oriented design patterns in ANSI C. Later Marco continued it in his master’s degree thesis implementing more features.

Parts of the sources were lost during a disk failure in the forge we hosted the project. I found some early releases and packed them here for future use. It can be useful for someone studying C or how to implement a ray tracer.


Enjoy it.

ps: with this project we won the 1st place project of class and maximum grade. 😉

LG Optimus V 3G connection problem

When I came back from my last travel my 3G connection stopped working and seems that a lot of people already had the same problem. It was after I reactivated my plan when I came back to the US. Apparently they forgot to activate my data plan I’m paying for.

How to solve

I tried different things but finally I tried to simply activate the phone again using the Activate application (probably the first application on the list). After a few tries It worked and I got my 3G connection back.

Improve your battery life

One interesting thing is that during my days without 3G my battery life was quite better. So when you want to save battery, in travels for example, you can manually activate/deactivate your data plan on the Setting -> Wireless & networks settings -> Mobile Networks -> Data Enabled option.