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Month: March 2016

Fatal Application Error #CVS.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive. #CPR #AED #FirstAid.

The Prime Conspiracy visualized over an Ulam Spiral in HTML5

Click here for the HTML5 demo in Javacript

This is a visualization inspired by the article Mathematicians Discover Prime Conspiracy by Erica Klarreich on Quanta Magazine.

Previously I wrote Twin primes visualized over an Ulam Spiral in HTML5, I reused the code and added the coloring as:

  • All primes ending in 1 are green.
  • All primes ending in 3 are red.
  • All primes ending in 7 are blue.
  • The prime 2 is yellow.
  • The prime 5 is gray.

Here is the result with each square with size 4 pixels:

prime conspiracy ulam

Here is the same with each square of size 2 pixels:


And with 1 pixels:


As before, the source code (prime_conspiracy.html) is available at

Photo by @suyanevom.

The newest member of the family, our pineapple ukulele.
#lanikai #soprano #lutu21P #gcea.

Deer, opossum, squirrel, and raccoon tracks..