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Tag: October

Halloween Costume 2011

And again, this year people got more scared than I was expecting. It looks like Sandman (Wesley Dodds) or Spy vs. Spy.

My idea was get some stuff from wardrobe and spend a little on a special item that after the Halloween would not be completely useless. 🙂

The costume items:

  • A classic trench coat from Men’s Wearhouse (actually is a great coat for rain, cold weather or snow, water resistant and it has an inner layer removable when not so cold. It is a kinda common coat in DC).
  • A gray fedora hat from Filene’s Basement. It was not really matching but worked.
  • Black leather gloves from last winter.
  • Snow boots from my hiking in Colorado last year.
  • An Israeli Civilian Gas Mask. The only thing I had to buy. From the product description:

    This is the gas mask issued to Israeli civilians when threatened with chemical attack by Saddam’s Iraq. It has full NBC (neuclear, biological, chemical) protection, and comes with one sealed filter.