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JavaFX SDK 1.0 on Linux

JavaFX 1.0 is out and is absolutely amazing. You guys did really a great work on it.

As I really need a working SDK on Linux to continue to study and I don’t have any Windows/Mac near me, I’m using the Weiqi Gao’s workaround. I tried to simplify a little bit more the process for those who need JavaFX SDK working on Linux right now.

Download javafxsdk_linux_unofficial.tar.bz2 (~18Mb).

And then

tar -xjvf javafxsdk_linux_unofficial.tar.bz2
sudo cp javafx /opt/javafx
echo “PATH=\$PATH:/opt/javafx/bin” >> ~/.profile
echo “JAVAFX_HOME=/opt/javafx” >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Now you can call javafx, javafxc, javafxdoc and javafxpackager from your terminal. Don’t forget that you need Java 1.6 or greater installed.

Here’s a video showing the SDK working, I’m compiling and running two sample applications. Remeber that as a temporary unofficial port for Linux, there’s not native video support nor hardware acceleration.