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CEJUG, JavaMe, Domain Driven Design and CruiseControl

This saturday we had our CEJUG traditional event CCT (Café com Tapioca) done monthly, each time in a diferent university. This time we had three speakers, Vando Batista, Rafael Pontes and Luthiano Vasconcelos talking about Java ME, Domain Driven Design and Cruise Control respectively.

Rafael Carneiro
Rafael Carneiro opening the event.


All photos I took (just a few due to weak batteries in my camera) are hosted in this album. This was out first event recorded and streamed by TV Software Livre. Thanks also guys from ArgoHost who made it possible.

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  1. It was a great event! I believe that all the speakers knew very well forward their themes to the public.

    I see you soon at the next CCT.

  2. Hi Silveira, it was very nice to meet you and participate of the CEJUG CCT event. We will share much of our experiences..
    Thank you for the picture =)

    Best regards!

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