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FLISOL Fortaleza 2009


Dia 25 de Abril de 2009 no Casa Brasil unidade Vila União, Rua Celso Tinoco, 1374, atrás do Colégio Jorge Vieira.


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  1. Quite pleasant, … but
    1. Font used to type: “Festival Latino Americano…” and “Visite…” is very illegible. I know that it should looks that way.
    2. OSS Comunity mascots are marvellous!
    3. Main text have to less white-space around, it makes it also illegible. You should avoid putting text between images, try to fit it in rectangle space. Font may be smaller, however entity will look more clear and more legible.

    If only Inkscape had correct CMYK support :/ I could get rid of Corel Draw for good.

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