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What a day, I met Neil deGrass Tyson @neiltyson. It was not only the taping of StarTalk podcast but also the of the two last episodes of the 2nd season of StarTalk TV show from National Geographic Channel! Even though I had high expectations for this night, it was so much beyond I could even imagine. A small glance of a cosmic perspective of the frontiers of science and humanity. I also saw Chuck Nice @chucknicecomic, Maeve Higgins @maevehiggins, and the the guest scientists and interviewees (which I don’t know if I should name now). All this, underneath the Hayden Sphere, surrounded by instruments and gigantic meteorites at the American Museum of Natural History.
#StarTalkTV #AMNH #HaydenPlanetarium #NYC @AMNH @StarTalkRadio 😄🌌🌎🌞🌛🌠✨.
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