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Month: January 2017

PSU for the next pc arrived. A Corsair CX 430 as it will not require was much power. // A fonte pro próximo computador chegou. Uma Corsair CX 430 já que não vai precisar de tanta força..

#paodequeijo #guarana.

DIYPC Gamestorm-BK, Review

I had to build an additional PC and saw an opportunity to upgrade my Cooler Master HAF 912 with a DIYPC Gamestorm-BK, which fits a 240mm radiator.

The DIYPC Gamestorm-BK is a mid-tower with plenty of room, enough for a 240mm radiator at the top (or a 280mm radiator at the front or a 120mm in the back).

Building: Besides some information at the page where I bought it, there is not much information online about this case. Its manual is practically useless, just two pages with basically nothing.

It comes with 3 120mm fans with blue LEDS. I’m not enthusiastic for having a case with a lot of LEDs and I’m not into case modding or anything but they lights the interior of the case for the side window without creating a lot of light to the exterior. Also, the side window has a good size, larger than most of the ones I saw for a case in this price range.

To remove the front and top panel you have to pinch and push several plastic clips for each panel, applying some force. This is where the manual would have been really handy.

After that the build was very easy. There is plenty of space in this case, mostly due to not having ODD bays and a little (non-removable) SSD/HDD cage.

The power supply area has a lot of room making cable management even easier. The short legs are sturdy and stable and give a good clearance to the floor. The PSU was mounted upside down with the fan facing the floor. In case you are asking yourself if there is any problem with that, the answer is no.

The Lepa AquaChanger 240mm radiator fitted perfectly at the top. No problems with space, screws, anything.

It exterior has four USB ports (2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0) at the top of the case, which is just perfect if you, like me, keep the case in floor.

Price:  I paid US$39 for this case at Newegg. The original price was US$69.97. This was the best case I found around this price.

Conclusion: The DIYPC Gamestorm-BK is one of the best cases for this price. It’s great if you want a great internal space, easy cable management, and room for water coolers’ radiators.  If you want to have a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray unit, don’t buy this case.

I’m not a fan of fans with leds, but they came with the case. I’ll write a full tutorial in the blog later. // Não sou fã de ventoinhas com led mas elas vieram com o gabinete. Viu escrever um tutorial completo no blog depois..

Air intake. 3x 140mm fans. // Entrada de ar. 3x ventoinhas de 140mm..

Making progress migrating most of pieces from the Cooler Master HAF 912 case to a DIYPC Gamestorm-BK. // Progredindo na migração da maioria das peças de um gabinete Cooler Master HAF 912 pra um DIYPC Gamestorm-BK.
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Building another computer already. // Já fazendo outro computador.