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Tag: cmd

flatten directory structure

Move files in current subdirectories to the current directory.

find . -mindepth 2 -type f -exec mv -t . -i '{}' +

Delete local folders that are empty.

 find . -empty -type d -delete

PNG to PDF and PNG to PDF

You can use ImageMagick to convert multiple PNGs into a PDF and convert a multiple pages PDF into multiple PNGs.


$ convert document.pdf document.png

For a document with 10 pages, this will generate document-0.png, document-1.png, … document-9.png.


$ convert document*.png document.pdf

This convert the PNG pages into pages in the document.pdf document.

Getting an Android app source

Getting the Android’s AlarmClock application source from official repositories:

git clone git://

To get the head version for an old platform like the 1.4 (codename donut), choose the correspondent branch using -o or –origin:

git clone git:// --origin donut

Congelando e Ressuscitando Processos

batman mr freeze

Nem só de morte vive o kill.

Suponha que você tem um processo chamado program e quer congelar seu funcionamento. Para congela-lo sem mata-lo você pode mandar um sinal SIGSTOP com:

kill -s stop `pidof program`

Para ressuscitar o mesmo processo:

kill -s cont `pidof program`