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Tag: colors

Terminal with colors in OpenSolaris

As the earlies versions of OpenSolaris, my terminal is without colors. That’s a little annoying. As the default user uses Bash you can configure your Bash options in the file ~/.bashrc. Insert in the last lines of your .bashrc file:

alias ls=’ls –color=auto’

Save, close and open your terminal (or just type source ~/.bashrc).

JavaFX: Color picker

An simple color picker that can be also used as a gadget.

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;

var colors = [red:Color, orange:Color, yellow:Color, green:Color,
     cyan:Color,blue:Color, magenta:Color, gray:Color];

var chosenColor: Paint;
chosenColor = black:Color;

var x = 120;
var y = 70;

    content: Group{
        transform: bind translate(x,y)
        content: [Star{
            points: sizeof colors
            rin: 30
            rout: 50
            fill: bind chosenColor
            onMouseDragged: operation(e) {
                x += e.localDragTranslation.x;
                y += e.localDragTranslation.y;
        foreach (i in [1..sizeof colors]) Circle {
            var: self
            transform: [rotate(i*360/sizeof colors,0,0), translate(50,0)]
            radius: 10
            fill: colors[i%sizeof colors]
            onMouseClicked: operation (e){
                chosenColor = self.fill;