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Bookmarks for building a PC Good as a starting point to find what kind of PC you want to build. Aggregates best and latests deals on pc parts. You can also filter it, e.g.: latest SSD deals. This was probably the site that I most used for research, the comments sections were also very useful. Use the META filter for coupons and special deals. Use it to store your combination of parts and find possible incompatibilities between them. Given a piece, it also shows the prices from multiple stores and even the price history. These prices are sometimes out-of-sync or don’t take coupons in consideration, so sometimes you can get better deals. Create e-mail alarms when a product reaches a desired price on I have been using this site for everything related to with success for years. Create advanced notifications such “if there is a new post on /r/buildapcsales about SSD send me an email”.  For that you can use an IF “New post from search” THEN “Send me an email” recipe with search as “subreddit:buildapcsales SSD”. You can replace SSD for anything you want.

My first computer, CP 400 Color II

Me and my CP 400 Color
My firsts contacts with computers…

My first computer was an CP 400 Color II (CP is the shorten of Personal Computer in Portuguese). It was manufactured here in Brazil by a company called Prológica and launched in middle of 1984. It used a black & white tv and a casset reader of tapes with programs. We also had the CPU/keybord, monitor, joysticks and some cartridges and tapes.

Me and my CP 400 Color
Some years later

With this computer I did my firsts steps with command line tools and programming (BASIC).


CP400 Color Comercial
Original image from MCI.