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Integer.MAX_VALUE and Integer.MIN_VALUE

You should know that variable values are cyclic in Java.

public class Test{
  public static void main(String args[]){
     int x = Integer.MAX_VALUE + 1;

This produces:


Third JEG meeting

JEG #3

We had our third JEG (Java Education Group?) meeting today about Java certifications. We changed our approach and now we are just solving certification questions in group. As we are without projector today we used just my laptop. Today our host was Joselito who solved some section 1 questions.

Joselito’s slides are also available to download here.

More photos in this album.

Was a great meeting, next week another one.

Second certification meeting

Students holding Netbeans CDs

We are meeting every Thursday to talk about Java and certifications (and sometimes about local projects at an operational level). In this moment we are talking about the firsts sections of SCJA and solving mock exams in group.

Our approach is, each week a certification topic, each topic and different person talking. Meetings are free and anyone can join. I’m trying to keep those meeting linked with CEJUG and take we all to the monthly CEJUG meetings.

JEG second meeting

So next Thursday I’ll not talk. Those slides I used aren’t finished yet so I’ll not share them now, but as soon as possible I’ll do that. More photos here.

Slides for Java Students Group

These are the slides for the presentation this Thursday at the first meeting of Java Students Group (JEG) at UFC. Is about Sun certifications in general and also a brief look over SCJA.

As usually, you can download the slides as ODT or PDF. 😉

See you there.

Updated: Thanks for your presence. Let’s try it again soon.

Público no encontro do JEG

You can find more photos here.