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Review of some small Mac apps

I got these app licenses in a bundle at BundleHunt for not much. Here is a quick review and impressions of these:

  • CleanBoard: Copy twice to remove the formatting of the text you are copying. Perfect.
  • CopyPaste Pro: list previous clipboards so you can have a list of previous texts and images you cut to paste. I used to use something like this on Linux and it was super handy so I wanted to try it out. It also does a lot of things and it’s full of quirks. I’m still getting used.
  • Grab2Text: on screen OCR. One Shift+Cmd+2 and you select a rectangle and it outputs the text from the image to the clipboard. The OCR is ok. Solves an infrequent but annoying problem.
  • iClock: Some calendar, timezone, clock functions right in the menu bar.
  • 1000 OpenType Fonts: a zipfile with fonts. There is no app. You have to use the Finder preview to see and install the fonts. Installing all fonts would make the computer slow. I hope to use some of these fonts.
  • AI Image Enlarger – Photo Upscaler: Not good. I did a few tests and it pretty much smoothed the photos, actually loosing photo information in the upscaling. Probably better off just using Stable Diffusion with DiffusionBee.
  • Musify Music Downloader: TBD
  • Mass Rename: TBD

Mac: changing screenshots location

mkdir ~/Desktop/screenshots

defaults write location ~/Desktop/screenshots

killall SystemUIServer
  1. Creates a directory in /Users/username/Desktop/screenshots.
  2. Sets the default screenshot location to that directory.
  3. Restarts the service responsible for screenshots.

New screenshots (?+Shift+3, 4 or 5) are now stored in ~/Desktop/screenshots.

Bluetooth pairing a Sony MDR-ZX780DC with a Mac

1. Press and hold the power button for more than 7 seconds while the headphones are turn off.
2. You will see the led light in the phone blinking red and blue alternately.
3. Now in the Mac, open System Preferences -> Bluetooth and turn the bluetooth on if it is not. You should see the MDR-ZX780DC in the list. Click pair for this device.

4. You should be ready to use it. If it is connected but you hear no sound, check at System Preferences -> Sound if MDR-ZX780DC is selected is the default output.