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Tag: warrior

My Free Tileset, version 7

Another version of the my free tileset project with a lot of improvements.

free tileset version 7

Examples of usage:

A hotel I did for helping me in a prototype.

Pixelart hotel

Outdoor scenario. A city.

pixelart city

Another outdoor scenario. A warrior (unpublished character here) walking in a forest.



  • Reorganization of tile positions. Now they are all in a 32×32 grid.
  • Shelf of drinks, two tables and chairs.
  • I placed some characters in this tileset just to help during the creation of prototypes. They should not be really used in maps.
  • Now is possible to create also outdoors scenarios:
    • Two buildings, streets, pedestrian crossing, sidewalks and a manhole cover.
    • A tree, cut tree and a bush.