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JavaFX Wheel of Fortune

Disclaimer: from now on I will occasionally post in English too.

A first release of an Wheel of Fortune made with JavaFX. There’s still has a lot of bugs but is already usable. Let’s say that version is 0.8. 🙂

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;
import javafx.ui.filter.*;

import java.util.Random;
import java.lang.System;

class Wheel extends CompositeNode{
    attribute n: Integer;
    attribute radius: Integer;
    attribute cx: Integer;
    attribute cy: Integer;
    attribute colors: Color*;
    private attribute angle: Number;
    private attribute rotAngle: Number;
    private attribute extraTurns: Integer;
    operation run();

attribute Wheel.n = 32;
attribute Wheel.radius = 100;
attribute = radius;
attribute = radius;
attribute Wheel.rotAngle = 0;
attribute Wheel.angle = bind 360/n;
attribute Wheel.extraTurns = 2;
attribute Wheel.colors = [

function Wheel.composeNode(){
    var selector = Rect {
        x: radius*2 - 10
        y: radius
        width: 30
        height: 10
    var disc = foreach(j in [1..n]) Arc{
        transform: translate(-radius, -radius)
        width: radius * 2
        height: radius * 2
        startAngle: j*angle
        length: angle
        fill:colors[j%(sizeof colors)]                    
        closure: PIE
    var border = Circle{
        strokeWidth: 2
    var glass = Circle{
        radius:radius - 25
        fill: white
        opacity: 0.3

    var star = Star {
        rin: radius/4
        rout: radius/2
        points: 5

        startAngle: 18
        fill: yellow
    var numbers = foreach(i in [1..n]) Text {
        transform: [rotate(i*angle, 0, 0), translate(radius - 20,0)]
        content: i.toString()
    var base = Group{
        transform: bind [rotate(rotAngle,cx,cy),translate(cx,cy),]
        content: [disc, border, glass, numbers, star]
    return Group {
        content: [selector, base]

operation {
    var fortune = new Random(System.currentTimeMillis());
    var chosen = fortune.nextInt(n);
    rotAngle = [1.. extraTurns*360+ chosen*angle] dur 200 * n;

var wheel = Wheel{};

    visible: true
    content: Canvas {
        content: [
            View {
                content:Button {
                    text: "Go"
                    action: operation() {

The JavaFX Wheel of Fortune in use:

Fortune Wheel

  • ps: this code was actualized. Now it’s using colors constants and time as random seed.
  • ps2: this code and video has figured out in the front page of the Project OpenJFX! Thank you guys.
  • ps3: In 03/15/2008 I modified this code. Now you can put an arbitrary number for Wheel.n and the wheel should render good.
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  1. Bao Long Ngo Vuong Bao Long Ngo Vuong

    I am at present in 1st year in computing. To make a success of the year I have to program a game as the wheel of fortune. I have already made everything, but I still have the wheel to be made and I do not manage to find a method to make it. Your code corresponds exactly to the fact that I look but as I do not know the language JavaFx then I wanted to know if you also have it in Javascripte, please ?


  2. Hi Bao Long Ngo Vuong, unfortunately this code posted in this post is deprecated.
    You can use the idea showed here but need to rewrite it on compliance with a newer JavaFX version. In this moment I’m writing the latest version is the 1.1
    No, I don’t have a JavaScript version, sorry.

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