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Question about JavaFX SDK Preview?

This month, August 2008, from days 18 to 22 you have a opportunity to ask question about the JavaFX SDK Preview and get answers from experts on that topics. The Ask the Experts program requires no login, and allows you to submit questions at a time convenient to you.

These three experts Software Engineers from Sun Microsystems and related with JavaFX project will be answering questions about JavaFX:

It’s a good event to get answers for your JavaFX questions.

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  1. re javaFX:

    I found GroupPanel for forms; very useful; it appears unavailable under the revised API:

    1. Where is GroupPanel now? is there an alternate/equivalent Panel?
    2. Please point to examples defining forms under the revised API

    thanks for the blog; I find it very informative in my JavaFX learning path

  2. wahyu wahyu

    i pack my image to jar file
    my problems is to use getResource() in Javafx
    getResource(“myimage.png”) not currently work.
    I’m using NetBeans 6.0.
    can give me some hint?

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