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Month: June 2009

Going to Jazoon


Today I’m traveling to Zürich to join Jazoon to talk JavaFX game development. Before the event I’ll try to visit Bern and after the event I’m going to Lison, so Brussels and then Amsterdam. That’s the plan! 😉

During the next days I’ll try blog from there. Bye.

JavaFX on Linux!

Yeah. No more workarounds. Download now JavaFX 1.2 for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and OpenSolaris!

bob sponja dancinha


There’s also a lots of improvements in the language and the API. For details on that read this document. Unfortunately, as a side effect of those great changes some JavaFX source codes posted here are now deprecated and need a few changes to compile again but the online preview of them as applet or Java Web Start will continue to work well.

Let’s code.


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Footprint is a publisher and distributor of certificates of participation in conferences – signed PDF documents that prove you attended a conference or a course.

This is a little JavaFX application that shows how to create a interface that displays data provided by services. This version uses three services: one that counts the number of users, other that counts the number of events and one that list these events. Check out the source code here.  Try the application as a draggable JavaFX applet here.