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JavaFX on Linux!

Yeah. No more workarounds. Download now JavaFX 1.2 for Windows, MacOS X, Linux and OpenSolaris!

bob sponja dancinha


There’s also a lots of improvements in the language and the API. For details on that read this document. Unfortunately, as a side effect of those great changes some JavaFX source codes posted here are now deprecated and need a few changes to compile again but the online preview of them as applet or Java Web Start will continue to work well.

Let’s code.

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  1. cristo cristo

    Se eu visse essa menssagem no dia seguinte estaria quase chorando de feliciade, mas hoje essa foi a melhor noticia do dia inteiro.

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  3. mooja mooja

    hi Neto

    i have some question about JavaFX.
    I will create 3D game online using JavaFX.
    Please suggest the library to create 3D model.

    Thank you very much.


  4. javafx-dev javafx-dev

    Maybe JavaFX 1.2 is now supporting Linux but the jnlp for the javafx-rt ( allows only i386 Linux with the Result that its not working anymore on 64bit Maschines (@ Least not in the Browser etc.) …

    JavaFX 1.1 was not having that problem. Would be great if the jnlp-File could be adjusted.


  5. Hi “Javafx-dev”. You shoud try to file a bug on the JavaFX project or contact directly the developers from the JavaFX project at Sun Microsystems.

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