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Old City Hall Richmond

Those are two pictures that I took at Old City Hall in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

I really enjoyed the second one. The composition of the triangles of trees (Asymmetrical Balance), the pole (Rule of Thirds) and the curved sidewalk that makes a path for the eyes.

But the picture wont fit in the proportion for my wallpaper so I put the two together using Gimp making the necessary adjustments to fit everything together in a 1920:1080 ratio picture.

We can say there is is one tree representing each season: the green at left as Summer, the white cherry blossom as Spring, the one without leaves as Winter and the last with brown leaves as Autumn. Unfortunately the sidewalk and triangles lose the original effect but the pole in the middle created an interesting one.

The high resolution picture is available in my Flickr. I used a Canon Powershot G10.

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