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My Free Tileset, version 6

More free tiles for game developers. Now in a fantasy, medieval style.

tileset palace snes rpg style

Some detailed view. The royal throne (king was not in the room), carpet and banners.

tileset palace detail view 1

I had to place guards across the room. You know, being a king is dangerous.

tileset palace detail view 2

There’s this new kind of wall, with bricks. There’s a passage for the king bedroom.

tileset palace detail view 3

Here’s the new version of the tile set.

free tileset version 6

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  1. Porfirio Porfirio

    Good work Silveira.
    O teu tileset está a ficar bem engraçado!!

  2. samuel samuel

    Será que dá pra mover os personagens usando esse tileset?
    Ou é muito complicado?

  3. Jordan Irwin Jordan Irwin

    I hope you are okay with this, but I submitted this tileset to

    I attempted to contact you via the contact submission form, but I should have asked here first since you said to use that as a last resort.

    I assume that you are okay with your tileset being listed on other sites since it is licensed under GPL. But, please let me know if you would like it removed, & I will request its removal from the site administrators.

    Also, which version of the GPL is this licensed under? Version 2.0 or later, version 3.0? I listed is as under 3.0 on

    Thank you very much for the tileset.

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