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  1. […] (nearly) EVERY THING (yup even the photo but not the White Bunnie pic which is from here: ) […]

  2. selinamb selinamb

    Hi, are you aware that your work is being used, without credit, on a Facebook Fan Page?

    As a contributor to the open source community myself, I just wanted to alert you.

  3. Hi selinamb, thanks for the notice. I checked this website and it is ok, they put a link for me as author of the community picture on the “About” section. The license I’m using requires this.

  4. selinamb is a muck stirrer selinamb is a muck stirrer

    that disclaimer has been there since day one that the picture was used. Stop stirring up muck and lies.

  5. Diana Jones Diana Jones

    As a member of that particular group, I can tell you that we have always given the artist of the black cat image proper credit. It is not as Selinamb implies a new addition.

    Ms. selinamb is someone is who very familiar to our group as an art thief and who recently was reported to the artist she stole from. This is her little attempt to bring trouble to our door in a petty act of revenge. Grow up child and find some new playmates.

  6. Diana Jones Diana Jones

    I’m sorry I should say we use the “white bunny” image and we do give proper credit. lol! I need my morning coffee!

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